The Greenhouse Story

A dream come true....

Born in 2003 on the edge of the tiny hamlet of Lavoy, 120 km east of Edmonton, AB, Skyline Greenhouse quickly started providing fresh, vine-ripened, non-GMO vegetables grown with NO toxic sprays, to the surrounding communities. For us this half-acre greenhouse was the answer to a long search for an occupation that would provide an income as well as a country environment to raise our two daughters, then 3 ½ years and 6 months old.. It was also a dream-come-true for Jerry who had discovered, through 7 previous years of managing greenhouses for others, his passion for growing greenhouse vegetables.

Still growing... 


We are still “growing” strong. Each year we add a restaurant, another store or market.  Please check here for a current listing of where to find our fresh, delicious products.  We are pleased for the opportunity to provide you with a quality product, grown with care in our family greenhouse. You are welcome to visit our greenhouse any time.  Here you can see your food grow, visit with us and our staff, and shop in our sales area.

Our commitment... 


From the start we have been committed to growing our vegetables in a safe, environmentally-friendly, non-toxic manner. Our first two years this commitment almost cost us our business as disease and pests, which came in with the seedlings we purchased, did not respond well to the biological controls (good bugs to fight the bad bugs) we introduced. However, since we started growing our own seedlings in 2005, we have had excellent success with our non-toxic approach.  We have never used any toxic sprays in our greenhouse.

Our Success...



We are also committed to an employee-friendly work environment. Greenhousing is

hard, hot work at times, and we value every one of our staff who gives of their time and energy to make our operation a success.


Bumblebee pollination, hand-picked and sorted produce, tomatoes picked when the they’re ripe and ready, are all part of what makes our customers keep coming back. You can just taste the difference.


Quality, healthful, tasty produce is also a high priority for us. We love our cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, beans, lettuce, and eggplant. We’re sure you will, too.

Most of all...


we owe our success to the God of heaven who has placed within each seed the beginning of new life; who provides the strength and health for each busy day; who gives wisdom and guidance in all our plans; and protects us and our business each day. 

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